Merge Gaming

Merge Gaming2007 may not seem a long time ago but when it comes to the internet, it can seem like a very long time. February 2007 was the date of Merge Network’s arrival onto the poker scene, bringing with it its flagship site, Carbon Poker. Carbon Poker is still around today and it stands as one of the best sites within the Merge Gaming network. However, the Merge Gaming network has grown substantially in the past few years and there are many strong contenders that can claim to be the best site amongst the lot.

One of the steps that have helped the Merge Gaming network develop a place in the market was its decision not to ostracise the American market. Citizens of the United States are able to use the Merge platform for gaming purposes. Individual players are always recommended to observe their local, state and federal laws before playing online poker but Merge has not completely abandoned this field like so many other firms.

Innovation and flexibility

With many poker sites to choose from in a crowded market place, the Merge Gaming network manages to stay competitive through innovative and flexible poker solutions. The sites in the network are well known for offering software functions and features that are not available elsewhere. These include having the ability to rabbit hunt, bonuses awarded to players that lose on the Bad Beat and to use emoticons to interact with other players.

The network has been instrumental in increasing the level of interaction between players during poker matches which has helped raise the authenticity of online gaming for many players. If you learned to play poker with friends or in a casino and you miss the interactive and chat between players, Merge Gaming have developed ways to bring it back. Whether you want to hand out taunts or sympathy to your fellow players, the Merge Gaming network have created the functions that let you communicate like no other system or site.

Tournament play is always popular

Another area where the Merge Gaming network has excelled is with regards to the tournaments they make available to their members. These include bounty tournaments, where players can hunt down specific players in order to gain a cash prize or bonus and there has been an increase in the frequency of tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool.

Another popular tournament innovation has come in the shape of Shootout, where the fun continues until there is one winner. Normal table play can see the participants shuffled around to keep a balance between table numbers but this is not the case for Shootout. In this game, every table plays on until there is one winner before all the winners progress to play in the next round. This continues until there is just one person left.

Merge Gaming has also created an environment where affiliates are able to provide rakeback programs, which have been extremely popular in creating awareness of the sites on the Merge Gaming network.

The number of Merge Gaming sites is growing all the time

The number of sites which are now associated with the Merge Gaming network is increasing all the time but the site already contains some of the biggest names in online poker playing. Carbon Poker, Poker Nordica, Texas Duke, Aced, Gr88 and Poker House are well respected poker sites and an indication of the quality that is offered from the Merge Gaming network.

Although the history of a site or company is always important, the future is the thing that most people are interested in. Merge Gaming continues to expand and the company will soon be announcing some well known brands coming to its stable. There are some brands that are in the latter stages of migration to the Merge Gaming network, which should help the organisation to thrive and prosper in the manner it has already done so far.