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The Merge Poker network, aka the Merge Gaming network, is the online home for all of your poker needs. With some of the best online poker sites combined together in the network, no matter what your favourite style of play is, you are sure to find it here with Merge Poker.

The online poker industry has blossomed in recent years with more and more new sites emerging to compete for players’ attention. This is where the experience built up in creating hugely popular poker sites over the past few years really makes the difference. No two poker players are alike but knowing what poker players are looking for provides a great level of insight which manifests itself into the creation of the sites that players want to play.

News & Promotions

Get Aced When You Play Online Poker

Hearing an online poker site is closing down is always sad news and given the history of the PDC Poker brand, it isn’t great news to hear that the site closed down on Tuesday the 12th of December. However, there is good news for everyone with the fact that all PDC players will be automatically moved over to their new home at

Changes to The Rake Structure On Fixed Limit Games

If you are a keen fixed limit game player, you will be interested to know that we have changed the rake structure on all of these games. This also includes FL Hold ‘Em, which is sure to affect plenty of players. There are a number of changes to go through so it is probably best that you take the time on site at the FAQ page. This may seem like a drag but given the importance of the rake in playing poker, you will hopefully find that it is of benefit in the long run!

Carbon Poker Taking you to the Punta Cana Poker Classic

One of the best things about playing online poker is that there are so many benefits to be had from playing in this fashion. The chance to win big money is always going to be a top feature for many poker players but there is a lot more to it than that. Some players find that their skills have improved dramatically by playing online and it is easy to make friends online by chatting to other players. There has always been a social aspect to poker and this has not been lost to online players. In addition to having fun, there is also the chance to pit your wits against some of the biggest names in the poker industry.

Bad Beat Jackpot Hits The Road From Merge

Any online poker player that has been enjoying the Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) that has been on offer in the Merge Gaming Network should be aware that the company plans to remove it once the current jackpot has been hit. At the time of writing, the BBJ is standing at a level of $322,000 so there is still time to get involved and bag a big prize but once it is gone, it is gone and the BBJ tables option will be removed from the network, including the Carbon Poker site.

Carbon Poker and PDC Poker Get Even Bigger Again

Even though many online casino and poker sites are huge names around the world, there is still a gnawing feeling about so many companies not operating in the United States. Many casino and poker players want to test their skills and mental strength against the best players in the world and the fact that so many players are not allowed to play together can be a frustrating factor for many people. There is also a lot to be said about the frustrations felt by US casino and poker fans who are very limited in their online options. Things are changing though and there is huge news for poker and casino fans.

Innovation is at the heart of Merge Poker

Merge Poker NetworkThe Merge Poker network thrives on innovation and it is the gaming options that really help these sites stand out from other contenders for the online poker site crown. If you want to have more playing options, more gaming options and benefit from a wider range of promotions and tournaments, the Merge Poker network should be your home of online poker.

The software used by Merge Poker also brings the spirit of home poker into the online environment with a greater ability to interact with your fellow players. If you think that online poker lacks the atmosphere created when playing at home with friends, it is perhaps time to reconsider your views of online poker. It has never been easier, or more fun, to sympathise with or taunt your rivals on the Merge Poker network and this adds a whole new dimension to the game.

Do not forget that poker is as much about playing your opponent as it is about playing the cards and if you can interact with your fellow players and grab the upper hand, it could see you playing more winning hands than not, all of which adds to the excitement and tension that makes Poker one of the most popular activities.

Integrity and security is vital for any poker or gaming network

With online games, honesty and integrity is crucial to the success of a site and the Merge Gaming network software offers this in abundance. Every poker site on the Merge Poker network is accredited and recognised as being a provider of fair and secure online games. The success of a poker site depends as much upon its integrity as it does its range of games and the Merge Poker network is able to meet all industry standards and beyond. This means you can play in full confidence knowing that the only thing stopping you from winning is how you play and a little bit of luck.

You can also rest assured that the Merge Poker network takes your details and information very seriously and employs a number of safety measures and detection tools to make sure the poker playing environment is a safe one. Being able to put your trust into a poker site is crucial for any poker player as the peace of mind that comes from this reliability should free you up to concentrate fully on the poker.

Affiliates are welcome too at Merge Poker Network sites

Merge Gaming NetworkWhether you are looking to play poker or set up an affiliates program to enjoy the benefits of working alongside the Merge Poker network, everything you could ever want or need is on this site. Poker should be a game of fun for everyone regardless of age, budget or background and this network creates a series of poker sites that will appeal to players across the board.

If you are looking for a great array of Poker sites, it would be hard to come across a better selection that one which contains:

  • Carbon Poker –
  • Aced –

and many more great poker sites.

It is this vast experience that allows the Merge Poker network to stand apart from many of the other networks online and with many more big name sites in the process of transferring across to the network, the future looks bright for Merge Poker. Customer feedback is always important for the progress and development of any poker network and these sites ensure that thoughts and opinions of the customer is never too far away from the forward planning of the network.

If you are interested in learning more about some of the poker sites available on the Merge Poker network, the following snippets will bring you up to speed with some of the best and most popular poker sites you can find online.

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