Carbon Poker and PDC Poker Get Even Bigger Again

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Even though many online casino and poker sites are huge names around the world, there is still a gnawing feeling about so many companies not operating in the United States. Many casino and poker players want to test their skills and mental strength against the best players in the world and the fact that so many players are not allowed to play together can be a frustrating factor for many people. There is also a lot to be said about the frustrations felt by US casino and poker fans who are very limited in their online options. Things are changing though and there is huge news for poker and casino fans.

Get ready to play

From 12:01am server time, Carbon Poker and PDC Poker will be accepting new players from around the world. This is monumental news for many people and it is easy to see why so many people are excited. The middle of October may seem like a world away from today but the time will pass by swiftly but it is more about the importance of this change. The news, announced by ChipSplit, is sure to capture the imagination and attention of poker fans from around the world and is likely to lead to a greater surge of interest in these sites.

It is still not an entirely worldwide opportunity for players and these sites, like all ChipSplit sites, will still have some limitations for players. If you hail from Australia or France, you will not be allowed to play on these sites. Similarly, if you have hail from New York, Kentucky, Washington DC, Maryland, Washington, Missouri and Louisiana, you will not be allowed to play either. This is bad news for the people directly affected but it means that everyone should be looking forward to a whole new world of exciting poker action.

Great poker action for so many players

ChipSplit has always worked hard to provide great poker entertainment and Carbon Poker and PDC sit proudly in the portfolio of the company. The same can be said for Aced Poker, another highly respected poker site but as of yet, this has not been able to break into the US market. Times are definitely changing in the online poker community and there are plenty of exciting opportunities for players and affiliates to benefit from in the upcoming weeks and months.

Given that Carbon Poker and PDC have been two of the most important online poker sites for a number of years, this can be only good news for all players. Having more players involved in tournament play can only help to boost awareness and prize funds so there should be more reasons than ever to sign up for these sites from October 2012.

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