Get Aced When You Play Online Poker

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PDC Poker ClosedHearing an online poker site is closing down is always sad news and given the history of the PDC Poker brand, it isn’t great news to hear that the site closed down on Tuesday the 12th of December. However, there is good news for everyone with the fact that all PDC players will be automatically moved over to their new home at
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Changes to The Rake Structure On Fixed Limit Games

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If you are a keen fixed limit game player, you will be interested to know that we have changed the rake structure on all of these games. This also includes FL Hold ‘Em, which is sure to affect plenty of players. There are a number of changes to go through so it is probably best that you take the time on site at the FAQ page. This may seem like a drag but given the importance of the rake in playing poker, you will hopefully find that it is of benefit in the long run!
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Carbon Poker Taking you to the Punta Cana Poker Classic

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Punta Cana Poker ClassicOne of the best things about playing online poker is that there are so many benefits to be had from playing in this fashion. The chance to win big money is always going to be a top feature for many poker players but there is a lot more to it than that. Some players find that their skills have improved dramatically by playing online and it is easy to make friends online by chatting to other players. There has always been a social aspect to poker and this has not been lost to online players. In addition to having fun, there is also the chance to pit your wits against some of the biggest names in the poker industry.
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Bad Beat Jackpot Hits The Road From Merge

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Merge Bad Beat JackpotAny online poker player that has been enjoying the Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) that has been on offer in the Merge Gaming Network should be aware that the company plans to remove it once the current jackpot has been hit. At the time of writing, the BBJ is standing at a level of $322,000 so there is still time to get involved and bag a big prize but once it is gone, it is gone and the BBJ tables option will be removed from the network, including the Carbon Poker site.
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Carbon Poker and PDC Poker Get Even Bigger Again

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Even though many online casino and poker sites are huge names around the world, there is still a gnawing feeling about so many companies not operating in the United States. Many casino and poker players want to test their skills and mental strength against the best players in the world and the fact that so many players are not allowed to play together can be a frustrating factor for many people. There is also a lot to be said about the frustrations felt by US casino and poker fans who are very limited in their online options. Things are changing though and there is huge news for poker and casino fans.
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Free Omaha Odds Calculator

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Playing poker can be a very fun and interesting past-time but there is no doubt that many people play to win. There are many different skills and traits you need to be a poker winner and while luck is an element that is handy to have, it is far from being the only thing you need in your locker. In fact, if you rely on luck alone, you will find yourself losing a lot of poker hands. Making the right decisions in a short space of time will often depend on knowing the odds of winning with what you have and this is something that all players can benefit from having at their disposal. Over time, players can develop a sixth sense for playing poker games like Omaha but if you are starting out, you will benefit from a helping hand.
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Major Carbon Poker Software Update

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There is nothing more frustrating for casino players than logging onto their favourite site and finding that they are unable to enjoy the fun and games. This can happen for a number of reasons but maintenance is a common problem. It is a necessary evil that casino sites will require updating and maintenance checks every so often but when the site is a popular one like Carbon Poker, it is obvious that some players will miss out. The 6.0 software maintenance is taking place for approximately one hour on the 16th of June between 01:00 and 02:00. All players should note that any scheduled tournaments for this time will be cancelled.
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Join The Carbon Poker Race For Riches

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There is nothing better in life than getting your adrenaline going and being involved in something exciting. For many people, the thrill of driving fast in a luxury car would be the pinnacle of living the high life but not everyone gets to enjoy life in this manner. However, online poker certainly provides a great number of thrills and the latest Carbon Poker promotion may be the perfect way to bridge the gap between these two exciting opportunities. In June, there are four separate races on the Carbon Poker site, which will ultimately give players the chance to rack up over $100,000.

Carbon Poker Race to Riches
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Are You Ready For Merge Gaming Software 6.0?

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One of the most important things for online gaming companies is to ensure that the service they provide to players is the best it can be. This doesn’t mean chasing after every new fad that comes along in an attempt to be hip or cool but it does rely on providing quality. The Merge Poker Network is one of the most important networks in the poker community and Carbon Poker is one of the key rooms. The poker community has changed a lot in the past year with revolution and evolution shaping the way that sites have changed. With this in mind, June 2012 will see another evolution in the world of online poker as the release of Merge client 6.0 takes place.
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Lock Poker Leaves The Merge Network

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With the Senior Affiliate Manager at Lock Poker confirming that they are leaving the Merge Network, online poker players are looking forward to some major changes in the online poker community. Lock Poker is taking over the Cake Poker Network although at present; there will be no plans will integrate Cake and Intertops Poker into one all-encompassing site. This may change at the moment but for now, it seems as those these sites will stand alone and Lock Poker will continue, albeit removed from the Merge Network.
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