Gr88 Review

Gr88 ReviewGr88 has a very sparse welcome page which marks it out as being different from a number of poker sites. Most poker sites try to bombard you with what they offer and of the array of games they have on offer. The Gr88 home page is almost drab and lifeless compared to site sites so if you like to make decisions based upon first impressions; this is not a site that will automatically endear itself to you.

There are many good things on offer at Gr88 review but you have to get beyond the opening information to see what is on offer at the site.

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Poker Games

To access the poker games in Gr88, you need to download the software with only casino games being made available to play online. There are still plenty of gaming options to use here but if you do not like downloading software onto your computer, Gr88 is not going to be amongst your favourite games.

Once you download the poker option, the games you can play include Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Poker, Omaha High Low, A to 5 Lowball and 2 to 7 Lowball options. If you are after further poker options, Gr88 is able to offer a choice of 5 Card Draw Poker, 5 Card Stud Poker, 7 Card Stud Poker and 7 Card Stud Poker High/Low.  Most poker players will find this more than enough to suit their poker playing needs but if there is a need for more then Gr88 offer Badugi Triple Poker, Razz Poker and H.O.R.S.E. Poker.

Casino Games

Having the option to play with a live dealer is something that a number of online sites are offering and it certainly helps to make it feel more real. There will be some players that never feel totally confident when playing online poker because they have a suspicion about the programs that run the games. This is perhaps fair enough but these people will feel a bit better about playing with a live dealer, so this sort of addition to a site will be of benefit to the site and the player.

It is fair to say that Gr88 is as much of a casino site as it is a poker site, so the casino options are plentiful. If you are only looking to use one online site for all of your gaming needs, Gr88 may be worth a shout as they provide more casino options than a standard poker site. With slots, scratchers, Video Poker and many other games to enjoy, Gr88 is a site that will keep you entertained, no matter what you are in the mood for.


With an opening matching bonus that can rise to 150%, referral bonuses and more in game bonuses than you can shake a stick at, Gr88 offers a massive selection for players to get a little bit more for their money. As you would expect from a site that is as focussed on casino playing as it is for poker, a number of the promotions are based on the casino games but there are still plenty of options for the poker section.

One of the biggest promotions on the site revolves around the Gr88 Tsunami where the more you play, the more chances you have of winning. This is a fairly standard promotional tool offered by sites but if you are likely to be playing games on the site on a regular basis, it is something that is worth considering.

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In a surprising move compared to most websites, Gr88 do not list a Mastercard option for their customers. There are still many other payment methods available but this is a major name and the fact that it is lacking will be enough to make a few poker players raise an eyebrow at this site. Visa payments are still available to play on the site but failing that, you will have to turn to one of the web based payment providers.

All the main names like NETeller, Click2Pay, Moneybrookers, EcoCard, Instadebit, Entropay, Clickandbuy, ACH eCheck and Paysafe are available but the lack of Mastercard definitely stands out for Gr88.


Gr88 offers a blog facility where people can keep up to date with all the goings on in online poker. Not everyone is too fussed about keeping abreast of poker information, some people just like to play but if you have a genuine interest in the game, this is a neat addition to any site.

Gr88 doesn’t do much to grab your attention or make itself heard over the huge array of online poker sites but it’s all round gaming options will find it a few fans. If you like playing casino games as much as you enjoy poker games but don’t want to have too many websites, this may be the best choice for you.