RPM Poker Review

RPM Poker ReviewWhen you arrive on a poker site, you expect to be bombarded with information about what the site offers, what sort of games can be played and all manner of promotional material. This isn’t the case with RPM Poker which at first comes as a refreshing change. The site is going for a classier feel, which is why it avoids the in your face promotional style of other sites, which is a bonus.

Of course, if the site doesn’t outline what games are available to play or provide a lot of information about the site, it is going to be hard to entice people to decide to join the site. RPM Poker possibly takes the lack of information too far on their home page, preventing any new player from quickly realising what the site has to offer.

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Poker Games

It is not often you have to work your way through a few drop down links before you find out what sort of poker games are on offer. The stylish image of the VIP site may attract a better sort of clientele but if you are using an online poker site, it is usually because you want to play poker.

All of the poker options of RPM Poker can be accessed through the downloaded software and if you do that, you will find the following selection of poker games: Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Hi/Lo. That is not a huge array of poker options by any stretch of the imagination, and this site may be too limiting for a number of keen poker players. There are a number of tournaments available to choose from after having downloaded the software but the above selection of games is all that is available.

Casino Games

Given the scarcity of poker options, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that there are no casino options provided by RPM Poker. If a site purely wants to focus on poker, this is fine and can be a commendable way for a site to operate. After all, there are many casino sites available to choose from if a person wishes to play casino games when they are online. The thing is though; it has now become the norm for a poker site to offer casino options and a site that doesn’t provide this may find themselves marked down in comparison to other sites.


As you would expect, there is a 100% deposit bonus up for grabs on RPM Poker and there is also an opening freeroll bonus as well. Aside from this, the bonus is reserved to certain games or tournaments. It is becoming increasingly common for poker sites to offer a Bad Beat bonus and RPM Poker is no different. Getting something back when you have lost in a cruel manner is no complete comfort but it does provide some respite of coming so close for no real reward.

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It will be no surprise to learn that Mastercard and Visa options are available to fund your account in the RPM Poker site which should satisfy most poker players. However, if these are not suitable or acceptable to you, there are a number of e-wallet or electronic ways to put money into your account.

It is fairly common for poker sites to accept payment through methods like NETeller, EcoCard and Moneybrookers. Not too many sites make use of the Use My Wallet site but there are a growing number of poker sites which accept cash transfers to fund your poker playing. All in all, RPM Poker should have enough payment options to keep every poker player happy.


When it comes to comparing online poker sites, RPM Poker definitely stands out from the crowd. In a busy market place, this can often be a good thing and the website certainly doesn’t bombard you with information like many other poker sites. However, it would be good to have more information about the site available to read easily because first impressions will often be the ones that count when it comes to selecting a website to use.

The lack of casino options on the RPM Poker site is also a concern because the vast majority of poker sites offer this and most players now expect it. If you only want to play poker, you may find the focus on poker to be a positive aspect but it very much comes down to personal taste.

Once you get into the poker action, RPM Poker is a fine site which should give many poker players everything they look for in a poker site but in the current climate, some may be forgiven for asking for more. If you want a classier and less in your face poker site, this could be the one for you.