Merge Poker Rooms

If you are looking to play online poker, the quality of the poker rooms is all important. Promotions and bonuses are very good ways of attracting new customers to a site but only the poker options will keep someone interested. Merge Poker understands this and that is why they are able to offer an extensive range of poker options with some of the best visuals you will find on the internet.

The difficulty in trying to create the right poker environment for players is the fact that no two players are the same. This is understood by Merge but this issue is resolved by the wide variety of poker options available on the network. If every poker site looked and played the same, things would become boring very quickly so the variety offered on-site is a welcome boost for poker players. Whether it is quick play, interaction with other players or the price of game that impacts on your decision about what to play, the Merge Poker rooms should ensure you find the right choice.

With the combination of style and substance ensuring that everyone should be satisfied with the poker rooms at Merge, it is no surprise to see the following sites all gaining praise for their poker options. If you want to find out more about the poker rooms you could be playing on the Merge network, read on for some information about some of the best sites you will find online.

Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker ReviewSome sites are so good that they do not have to go overboard on promotion or clutter its home page with announcements and activities. The Carbon Poker site lacks many of the bells and whistles that people associate with poker sites but this is for a very good reason. The Carbon Poker site does not have to work as hard to sell and promote itself as many other poker sites.

This is a site that has developed a strong reputation through years of successful poker tournaments and many satisfied customers. When it comes to online poker, positive word of mouth is so much stronger than celebrity endorsements or a bonus which is why the Carbon Poker doesn’t have to boast about how good it is, most people are already aware of the fact.

Poker Host

Poker Host ReviewPoker Host offers so many casino and poker options that it can be difficult to know where to start playing first. A wealth of poker options is essential for most poker sites but some view casino games as an optional extra. Poker Host manages to up the ante with its range of casino games and the addition of video poker; table games and Keno ensure that there is always something of interest. Sometimes it can be good to have some respite from playing poker and a good array of casino games can help you return to the poker table fully refreshed and in the mood to win more games.

Poker Host comes across as a very fun poker site and there are more than enough options to keep players involved and interested. Elements like the ‘Rabbit Hunt’, ‘Quick Start’ and ‘Time Bank’ may not be for every online poker player but they can add some extra spice and intrigue to matches as well as possibly handing you an advantage to use over your competitors. Poker Host attempts to bring the fun back into poker and they appear to have succeeded.


Aced ReviewThe Aced poker site takes it all the way up to 11 and if you think that success in poker is dependent on having confidence and a swagger about you, this is the site for you. Aced offers a wide range of poker playing options, which should ensure every poker fan, finds the game they are looking for on-site.

The standards such as Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha and Lowball games are all here but that is just the beginning of the poker options on this site. There are a multitude of Card Stud games and there is even the option to indulge in a bit of H.O.R.S.E. play on the specially designed game that is becoming all the rage on the Merge Poker sites.

Aced is a poker site that stands out for the confident and assured player but when it comes to playing in a big game, will you have the metal strength and swagger to overcome your opponent? There is only one way to find out and this is the site to test yourself on.


Gr88 ReviewMost poker sites will offer a range of casino games but the Gr88 site is able to offer a better balance of casino and poker games. Depending on your preferences, this could be a good or bad thing but having a wider range of choice is commonly a positive aspect for most people. If you are looking to limit the number of sites you use for online gaming, this site could provide all of your casino and poker gaming needs in one handy place.

Like many poker sites, Gr88 provides a more you play, the more you earn incentive with the Gr88 Tsunami driving home this impact. If you are looking to play online poker on a frequent basis, it makes sense to find a site that you like and use it for the vast majority of your poker playing. One-off tournaments and deals can encourage you to use other sites but with promotions and benefits from playing a lot on one site, it is a sensible tactic to stick to what you know. On this regard, Gr88 is a serious contender to be a site you use on a frequent basis.