Merge Gaming Network FAQ

Merge Gaming Network FAQIf you have just joined up or have an interest in the Merge Gaming network, it is likely you will have a number of questions you want answered? This is not unusual and you won’t be surprised to hear that many other players have been in the same position and quite often will have asked the same questions as yourself. This is why it is possible to have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section which will hopefully answer you immediate questions.

Do all players on Merge Network play together?

In brief, yes. All of the different sites on the Merge Poker network are able to face off against each other, bringing a larger number of players into tournaments. The rise of the poker network has been a large feature of the online poker industry in recent years and has provided great competition against the major names in the business. Each player can choose their own site which speaks to them the best but being part of a larger poker network brings about a great deal of benefits for players.

The Merge Poker network accepts players from the United States and Mac users so this means there is a great potential for a lot of players to use this network.

Can I trust the Merge Poker network?

Again, there is a very brief answer and that answer is yes. An online poker site is totally dependent on its security and reliability and a network that couldn’t guarantee this wouldn’t last too long. All of the sites on the Merge Poker network have been properly regulated and licences. Each individual site is required to state the regulatory body that has deemed it to be compliant and this information will be available on its homepage.

Security is also essential on the Merge Poker network and this is why the sites fully utilise SSL encryption for its users.

How to download Merge Poker software?

Downloading software for Merge Poker sites is an extremely process. It may be that your chosen Merge Poker site provides a choice between Mac and PC download so be sure to select the right option. Once you know the option you need to use, click on the download button and follow the instructions. An installation wizard will normally appear and will walk you through the process of downloading the Merge Poker software to your machine.

There is nothing difficult about downloading Merge Poker software to your machine so even if you are not too comfortable in using your computer; you shouldn’t experience any problems in downloading the software.

How come Americans can play on the Merge Poker network?

It should be remembered that playing online poker in the United States, contrary to public belief, is not illegal. There are some states where online gaming is outlawed so some players need to be aware of their local regulations but mainly, it is legal to play online in the United States. This is why sites on the Merge Poker network are perfectly safe and legal for United States based players to play. It may be that legislation changes in the future but at the moment, if local laws do not prohibit a player from playing online poker, there is no reason why a US based player cannot enjoy the games on offer at the Merge Poker network.

Find out which sites on Merge are US friendly, and start playing today.

How does the Merge Poker network function?

The Merge Poker network functions just like any other poker network. The software is created by the main company Merge Gaming and it is then licensed out to other firms for a fee. This means that a new poker site is able to be up and running in next to no time at all, bringing a great deal of benefits for players, site owners and even the Merge network itself. After all, a new site would struggle to be able to provide enough players to ensure that tournaments were of interest but by being part of a network, a new poker site can tap into the thousands of players that already exist on the network.

How to play online on the Merge Network?

There is no great secret to playing online at the Merge Poker network and even players with very limited computer experience will be able to sign up. Upon signing up, you should receive some form of welcome bonus (which may be dependent on making your first deposit) which will allow you to play games. Most poker sites on Merge Gaming will have some form of lobby where all of the games can be found and all that is required of a player is to select a game that they like and enter that room.

Hopefully these answers will have resolved any issues you have with Merge Poker but if not, feel free to contact any of the individual Merge Poker site contact support team. There are no silly questions when it comes to feeling safe and comfortable online so be sure to make sure you are fully satisfied before settling on the right poker site for you.

What poker games can be played on Merge?

If all you know of poker games is Texas Hold ‘Em, hold on to your hats because there is a wide world of poker games for you to enjoy. The huge popularity of Hold ‘Em leads many people to believe that this is the only game in town but at Merge, there is a lot more poker to get excited about.

Our page about the games offered by Merge Poker will answer all of your questions about the wide array of poker games you can enjoy at Merge so why not have a look.

You may not be aware of this but 5 card stud poker has a history that can be traced back to the American Civil War! Think of the history and the millions of people who have played this game over the years and yet it isn’t the most popular poker game of this generation? If you are just starting out on your poker adventure, make sure you are up to speed on the wide variety of poker playing opportunities you have at your disposal. It may be that some poker games are not for you but with so many great poker games to choose from, you will find something that suits you perfectly.