Merge Poker Side Games

Although the main focus of a poker site should always be the poker games, a good poker site will provide a number of side games. Having the opportunity to take a break from poker playing, without the need to download and install any other kind of online gambling software, is advisable and these diversions can be a fun way to play and maybe even make some money. Merge Poker offer a number of side games, including:


When it comes to popular games, Blackjack has to rank amongst the highest in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that millions of hands are dealt in blackjack games every day, all over the world. One of the best features about blackjack is that it features the player playing against the dealer. The notion of the game being a one on one game is important to many players, who feel it offers them a chance to utilize their skills and card knowledge. The fact that the odds offered in Blackjack are very close and that players can place multiple bets means there is a lot to enjoy about Blackjack.

On the Merge Gaming network, Blackjack has become as popular as it is in the real world with the sites offering an auto-play function and a table layout which is extremely similar to a genuine casino layout. If you enjoy playing Blackjack, the Merge Poker version will leave you feeling that you are playing the real thing.


Roulette stands as one of the most important casino games and it’s simplicity is just one reason for its enduring popularity. Long referred to as the game of Kings, due to the fact that European aristocracy and the upper classes would play the game, roulette provides a wide variety of betting options. It is simple enough to plump for odds or evens or between red and black but there are far more betting options available at the roulette table.

Bets can be placed on particular sections of the roulette table or bets can be placed on a variety of numbers, increasing the likelihood of success but minimising the odds. However, the use of the European wheel ensures that players have better odds, which is always going to be of interest to a poker or casino player.

Caribbean Stud

One of the best things about poker is that although there are issues which are common in all poker games, each individual game is able to have it owns feel and identity. This is certainly true for Caribbean Stud poker which is an extremely individual game. The player goes up against the dealer and the game starts with a number of rounds where main bets and antes are made. Once this stage has been completed, each player has to use their five cards to make a hand that is better than the dealers.

This is enough of a twist to mark Caribbean Stud poker out as its own game but the game is synonymous with progressive jackpots and there is the potential for a big payout with a great hand.

Video Poker

There are plenty of mainstream poker options available on Merge Poker sites but Video Poker provides a further option for people who just cannot get enough of their favourite game. Video Poker gained a lot of followers due to its ability to be played anywhere and the screen acts as the casino machine. With the cards being large and clear and the option to have the same sounds as the video poker machines, this is one of the most authentic gaming translations that have been brought to the internet.

Jacks or Better

As you would expect from the title, Jacks or Better pays out on a hand that has a pair of Jacks or anything higher. This gamer has long been a main staple of the video poker routine and that is unlikely to change at any point in the foreseeable future.

Joker Poker

This game is similar to Jacks or Better but pays out on Kings or better. The twist comes in the fact that Jokes are introduced and they can be used as wild cards, which can often lead to very interesting hands. This game also offers great payouts for hands like the Joke Royal Flush or Five of a Kind.

Deuces Wild

In this game, every deuce in the deck is now a wild card with wins being paid out on three of a kind or above. There is also the ability to have high payouts for a Royal Flush or Five of a kind due to the fact that the extra four Deuce cards are counted as being wild.


Although the origins of backgammon are in the classic board game, the casino version has a huge following in its own right. The casino game is played out on what appears to be half of a backgammon board, with six points found on either side. The inner side contains 5 points and 2 checkers each are placed on every point to begin the game. Rolling two dice sees 2 checkers being moved and then the fun begins.

Jump bets, out bets and double side wagers provide ample opportunities to play to win and the online variants of this game provide a fun and enjoyable way to spend your time in an online casino.


Euchre is the newest of the side games on offer but it is a simple one to learn if it is new to you. The game is played in two partnerships (four players) and 24 cards. The 24 cards are the A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 of all four suits. A suit is named as trumps and this suit will outrank all of the other suits, with the value of the individual card not making a difference.

These side games will ensure that there is plenty for a player to enjoy when they are looking for some respite from all of the poker action.