Backgammon is a great addition to an online casino

When it comes to games with a sense of history and tradition, it is hard to argue against backgammon. Traditionally seen as one of the oldest board games that can be played by two players, the game has been revitalised in the modern era by the ability to play the game on computers and console machines. This means that whenever you want to play backgammon there is no barrier to having fun with the game.

A roll of the die can mean so much

The pieces on the board are moved around the board dependent on the roll of the dice and the aim of the game is to remove all of the pieces of the board. It would be fair to say because of the dice element, there will always be the need to have luck on your side when you are playing backgammon but there is also a need for strategy and calm thinking. To the outsider and uninitiated, it may seem as though backgammon is a game of pure chance but for those who understand the game, it is clearly more involved than that. This makes it a perfect addition for online casino sites because it can hold a certain appeal to players of all levels and talents.

The fact that backgammon is played against an opponent (in the modern console version, the opponent is provided by the computer), there is a need to consider their objectives and tactics. There will be times when an opponent needs to use tactics to counter their opponents and there is the opportunity to increase the stakes throughout a match. All of these different elements combine to make backgammon a hugely interesting and popular game and it is easy to see why it has stood the test of time.

New York revolutionised backgammon

Even though the history of backgammon can be traced back around 5,000 years and many countries and continents have their own variation, it is New York in the 1920s that the current game of backgammon came to prominence. Gaming clubs in the Lower East side were always looking to bring new games to the mix and the introduction of the doubling cube to the traditional state of play was a massive element to the game. This cube forced players to opt for the best move from a given position but also forced them to make estimation on the likelihood of winning from the position they were in. This has helped to completely transform the game of backgammon into the modern expected value game that has been prevalent in recent years and decades.

There was a huge rise in the popularity of backgammon in the 1960s and a lot of this was down to Prince Alexis Obolensky, who was given the title “The Father of Modern Backgammon”. Such a title is not thrown around easily but it was fully deserved with Obolensky helping to set up the International Backgammon Association, which launched a new set of rules for modern backgammon play. The game exploded in many new markets with colleges, country clubs, gentleman’s clubs and hipsters all playing the game. This meant there was an almost across the board interest in backgammon, which has helped to put it to the front of many people’s thinking when it comes to finding a challenging yet fun board game.

The main aim of a game of backgammon is to move all of your checkers around the board towards your inner board or home section. Having done this, you need to get all of your checkers off the board and the first player who manages to do this is the winner. Even though many players will place a great emphasis on getting home first, success can also be obtained by blocking your opponent. There are a number of blocking tactics that can be utilised in a game of backgammon and ensuring that your opponent is unable to make their way around the board will then make it easier for the player to focus on advancing. There is no doubt that backgammon can be played on a light level but there is a huge potential for deep tactical insight and analysis of the game and games between master players can be extremely draw-out affairs. This may not sit neatly with the idea of high-paced casino action but backgammon is definitely a game that suit all occasions.

Let the games begin

The game begins when each player takes a turn at rolling an individual die. The highest scoring player gets to open the game and if the score is a tie, the players continue rolling until one is gets a higher score.

The opening roll of the game sees a player roll two dice and the number of pips that are rolled will indicate how the players moves around the backgammon board.

Strategies are an essential part of backgammon

Even from the first roll, strategy is very important and there is a long list of opening strategies and counter-strategies that keen backgammon players should be aware of. For instance, an opening roll of a 1 and a 2 with the die bring back two opening tactics. The splitting tactic of moving a checker from 24 to 23 and 13 to 11 is one strong tactic while the main slotting tactic would be to move a checker from 13 to 11 and from 6 to 5. Tactics and strong plays can be utilised for every opening gambit and if you wish to succeed at the game of backgammon, it makes sense to study these tactics as much as possible.

Given that backgammon has been analysed in the manner of chess using computer software and analytical tools, it is no surprise to find that backgammon has made its way into the online market. It is possible for two players to face off against each other in a game of backgammon but when it comes to casino play, it is more likely that the player will be lining up against the computer itself. The computer software is able to provide a random element to the gameplay so players can be assured that the game is legitimate.