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Free Omaha Odds Calculator

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Playing poker can be a very fun and interesting past-time but there is no doubt that many people play to win. There are many different skills and traits you need to be a poker winner and while luck is an element that is handy to have, it is far from being the only thing you need in your locker. In fact, if you rely on luck alone, you will find yourself losing a lot of poker hands. Making the right decisions in a short space of time will often depend on knowing the odds of winning with what you have and this is something that all players can benefit from having at their disposal. Over time, players can develop a sixth sense for playing poker games like Omaha but if you are starting out, you will benefit from a helping hand.
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Major Carbon Poker Software Update

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There is nothing more frustrating for casino players than logging onto their favourite site and finding that they are unable to enjoy the fun and games. This can happen for a number of reasons but maintenance is a common problem. It is a necessary evil that casino sites will require updating and maintenance checks every so often but when the site is a popular one like Carbon Poker, it is obvious that some players will miss out. The 6.0 software maintenance is taking place for approximately one hour on the 16th of June between 01:00 and 02:00. All players should note that any scheduled tournaments for this time will be cancelled.
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