Free Omaha Odds Calculator

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Playing poker can be a very fun and interesting past-time but there is no doubt that many people play to win. There are many different skills and traits you need to be a poker winner and while luck is an element that is handy to have, it is far from being the only thing you need in your locker. In fact, if you rely on luck alone, you will find yourself losing a lot of poker hands. Making the right decisions in a short space of time will often depend on knowing the odds of winning with what you have and this is something that all players can benefit from having at their disposal. Over time, players can develop a sixth sense for playing poker games like Omaha but if you are starting out, you will benefit from a helping hand.

Free Omaha Odds Calculator

Make the difference, be the difference

This is where the Carbon Poker Omaha Calculator can make a big difference for players. This is a free download available to all players so there is no need to dip into your bankroll to pick it up but it could end up having a positive impact on your poker. The free Carbon Poker Omaha Calculator provides poker odds in an instant, it informs you of betting patterns; it keeps you up to date with the probabilities of events occurring at the table and can keep you informed of all your opponents’ stats and data. With industry leading software powering the calculator, this is definitely one of the biggest allies you can have at your disposal if you are looking to make a splash in online poker.

Some of the big features included in the Carbon Poker Omaha Calculator include:

  • Win Odds – Using an exclusive algorithm, the Omaha Calculator gives you a heads up about your win odds without you having to do any of the sums or calculations.
  • Pot Odds – This feature outlines the ratio of the money that is in the pot compared to how much money it will take to call. This feature helps you to calculate the risks involved with playing.
  • Out – It can be helpful to know about the unseen cards that remain in the deck and this feature can boost your chances of improving the hand you hold after the flop has taken place.
  • Stats of Opponents – If you are the type of poker player that likes to be up to date with your opponents, the Omaha Calculator will keep you up to date with the latest information about their stats.
  • Outs – Unseen cards still left in the deck that will improve your hand to a possible winner after the flop.
  • Player Stats – Compiles Player Stats automatically on your computer by reading the log files supplied by Carbon Poker. The Carbon Poker Omaha Calculator actually remembers the action and automatically recalls it for you.

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Carbon PokerThese are just some of the features available with the Carbon Poker Omaha Calculator but if you want to see everything it offers to help you improve your game, check out the site.

If you are looking for a more general poker odds calculator or even more reasons why having an odds calculator is important, you’d be well advised to have a look at this page:

Some players have a natural knack and ability for working out poker odds in a split second but for the rest of us, it is a skill we have to work on until it becomes second nature. Having a reliable odds calculator at our disposal can help every poker player develop their skills at a faster rate and turn losing hands into winning ones!