Merge Poker Software

At the heart of every good poker site, is the software that is used to power the games. Websites can use all of the promotional tools at their disposal but if the overall games are not good then punters will not stay around. There are too many options online for playing poker to waste time playing poor quality or sub-standard poker games so the choice of software is crucial. This is something that Merge Poker clearly understands and the poker software used across its range of sites is comparable with the higher quality poker sites you will find online.

One of the most important elements of Merge Poker software lies in its ability to innovate. It is not as if online poker games are becoming staid or stagnant but there has been a sense of familiarity over a number of online poker sites. Much of this has been due to the rigid nature of the sites which stands in contrast to the free-flowing nature of poker games that can be played amongst. An online poker site will never be able to fully replicate the feeling of playing poker at home with your close friends but it should be able to get close to the feeling. This is something that the Merge Poker software manages to do more successfully than many of its competitors.

There should be flexibility about the style of play

When playing in a casual style with friends, there can be more flexibility about the style of play. If you prefer playing a certain type of poker, you will inevitably choose that one. The level of variety available in the Merge Poker software games is noticeable for providing everything that a player could want. The software is able to cope with demand for variations on standard games and throws in a number of card stud games as well. If you are looking for variety, this is software that will ensure you are satisfied.

Also, if you are playing amongst friends, there is bound to be a high level of interaction whilst games are going ahead. Whether it is good natured ribbing or taunting your opponent, playing poker with friends can be a great way to relieve stress. The software from Merge Poker manages to replicate some of the competitive nature that is available when playing poker with a great interactive element. Emoticons are able to be used to show sympathy or taunt rival players during a game of poker, which can really add to the intensity and enjoyment from the game. This interaction is a way to take more enjoyment from the game and can even be used to your advantage. Poker is about playing your opponents as much as it is playing the cards and knowing how to unsettle opponents can help you get the upper hand in any outcome.

Interesting features that stand out

Merge Poker software has also raised the bar with a number of features that are not available on many poker sites. These include the Rabbit Hunt function, which shows what card would have appeared next and the Expose One card. There is the ability to show off the player accolades, which will highlight any major event won by a player. This can fit nicely alongside the taunting effects mentioned above but all of these additional features help to make the game more exciting.

As much as interaction and variety is valued in poker software, it has to be said that the software must look good too. If a poker games looks out-dated or of poor quality, players will inevitably think negatively about the site and will likely play very few games on it. There is very much a first impressions mindset when it comes to playing online poker and if the software does not look good, a great number of players will move on to another site. This shouldn’t be the case as it should be the quality of the game play that counts but that is the nature of the beast.

The Poker Merge sites have little to worry about in this regard though as they have created some great looking sites. Poker Merge use Macromedia Flash on their download poker games and there are very few problems with using this software. Even when playing multi-player games, the screen is clear and easy to read, which will take away one possible excuse if the game does not go to plan. Being able to make out the cards and bets is a crucial part of online poker but the system used by Merge Poker provides a high enough level of clarity for every player.

Crisp and clear graphics are a bonus to poker playing

With regards to graphics, these will vary for every site, as they all have their own theme and image to maintain. Overall though, the graphics are crisp and manage to fit into the overall look and image of the site. Not every site will be to everyone’s taste but there are a lot of styles to choose from, so everyone should be happy with what is on offer.

The software for Poker Merge is also available for Mac, which is an important feature in this current climate. The number of Mac users continues to rise and being seen to make your software available over as many mediums as possible is essential to maintain growth. Not just in the company but for the individual sites and for the customers benefit as well. If you continually play a specific casino site, upgrading or changing your computer should not result in you being unable to play your favourite games. The fact that the software can be played on both PCs and Macs should be taken as a positive issue and one that will enhance the sites and hopefully see them develop and grow in the future.

In addition to the poker games that are playable with the Merge Poker software, there are a number of side games that are available to play. Games like backgammon, video poker, Blackjack and Caribbean stud poker all provide some respite from poker yet all look and feel as though they belong alongside the poker games. This uniformity should ensure that players feel as though they are taking part in a cohesive and single site, as opposed to a number of sites that have been botched together.

Having reliable and good quality software is not the only thing a poker site needs to have in order to be a success but it is an integral part. Quite frankly, if the games are not good enough, few will stay around to play, regardless of what bonuses or incentives are offered to play. A good software engine lies at the heart of every good software site and this is what Poker Merge offers to all of its clients.