Changes to The Rake Structure On Fixed Limit Games

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If you are a keen fixed limit game player, you will be interested to know that we have changed the rake structure on all of these games. This also includes FL Hold ‘Em, which is sure to affect plenty of players. There are a number of changes to go through so it is probably best that you take the time on site at the FAQ page. This may seem like a drag but given the importance of the rake in playing poker, you will hopefully find that it is of benefit in the long run!

These changes are not just taken on a whim or on the say-so of an upper management type. There is a great deal of research carried out into what is best for the customer and what is likely to provide the best benefit to them. The decision to alter the rake structure has come about after a lengthy analysis time and much debate. Current industry trends have been analysed, the gameplay levels of so many players have been considered and alongside a number of huge other factors in the overall decision making process, these changes have come about. Like many things in stone, nothing is set in stone so if players aren’t happy with what is going on or has any ideas about how to improve the service further, feedback is very much accepted!

Reload and see the new structures

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It may be all change with regards the rake structure but there is still a great deal of quality poker to enjoy on site. No matter what you are looking for, you should find everything you could need and more right here!