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There is nothing better in life than getting your adrenaline going and being involved in something exciting. For many people, the thrill of driving fast in a luxury car would be the pinnacle of living the high life but not everyone gets to enjoy life in this manner. However, online poker certainly provides a great number of thrills and the latest Carbon Poker promotion may be the perfect way to bridge the gap between these two exciting opportunities. In June, there are four separate races on the Carbon Poker site, which will ultimately give players the chance to rack up over $100,000.

Carbon Poker Race to Riches

Race for the prize

The Race For Riches promotion will be of great interest to many players because there will be cash prizes on offer for the top 400 players. It is fair to say that the player coming in 400th shouldn’t expect to have too much money heading their way but a prize is a prize and is definitely something worth playing for. A $10 prize is definitely better than nothing but with the top player on the leader board picking up $2,000, there is a lot to look forward to.

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Every week there is poker fun to be had

Carbon PokerThere is a race taking place every week so even if you are lucky enough to get away at some point in June, you should find that there is still the opportunity to get involved in one of the events. Race 1 begins on the 1st of June and carries all the way through until the 7th. The second race starts on the 8th of June and will continue until the 14th of June. On the 15th of June, Race 3 starts and runs until the 21st and the fourth and final race of the promotion will begin on the 22nd and makes its way until the 29th of June.

If you are serious about placing highly in this promotion, you will have an interest in the multiplier points. Playing specific games will see the number of points earned by a player increase, pushing them further up the leader board. Playing a number of different games per week will really strengthen your opportunity to get a big cash prize in the promotion so this is definitely a promotion that is geared at the more serious poker player. That is not to say that casual players can’t have fun, there are 400 prize places up for grabs every week but if you have genuine ambitions about grabbing serious money, the potential is definitely there.

Carbon Poker has long been considered as one of the best poker sites to turn to and is viewed as the jewel in the Merge Poker network. This promotion is just the latest in a long line of positive promotions that have been developed with the player in mind. If you are looking to have some poker fun with the chance of picking up a welcome cash bonus, Carbon Poker will provide you the reason to race for riches.