Get Aced When You Play Online Poker

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PDC Poker ClosedHearing an online poker site is closing down is always sad news and given the history of the PDC Poker brand, it isn’t great news to hear that the site closed down on Tuesday the 12th of December. However, there is good news for everyone with the fact that all PDC players will be automatically moved over to their new home at

Many people will be sad to see the demise of the PDP Poker site as it has a fair history in the world of online poker. PDC Poker was one of the original poker brands on the Merge Network and many players would have had their first taste of online poker with PDC Poker. If you were a long-term player, raise a glass to the memory of the great brand but with online poker, there is always a need to move on and players should find plenty of excitement when  they move over to Aced.

The good thing about the move to Aced is that there is no difficulty or issue with it at all. The next time that you attempt to log on to the PDC Poker client, you will find that you will be taken to the Aced site. Just log in with your standard PDC Poker details and that will be you, no need to do anything else. This should make life a bit easier and if you are worried about filling in forms or going through the whole sign-up process again, put that thought out of your mind, that is all taken care of. is a great online poker site and when you look at some of the things that Aced and fellow Merge Poker network site Carbon have in store for 2013, there is definitely a lot to look forward to.

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