Lock Poker Leaves The Merge Network

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With the Senior Affiliate Manager at Lock Poker confirming that they are leaving the Merge Network, online poker players are looking forward to some major changes in the online poker community. Lock Poker is taking over the Cake Poker Network although at present; there will be no plans will integrate Cake and Intertops Poker into one all-encompassing site. This may change at the moment but for now, it seems as those these sites will stand alone and Lock Poker will continue, albeit removed from the Merge Network.

Lock Poker Was A Big Noise On Merge

Lock was widely perceived as one of the top three poker rooms available on the Merge Network but news of the split has not been a complete shock to online poker observers. The cancellation of the LOCKOPS series was a serious blow to the plans of Lock Poker, who had put a lot of importance on the event. It was Merge who pulled the plug and there is no doubt that this decision will have had an impact on the current stance being pursued by Lock Poker. That is not to say that it is the only factor in this break and you think the true story will emerge at some point in the future but the cancellation of LOCKOPS would definitely have played a part. Many online poker players are hoping that this separation will mean that the LOCKOPS event will go ahead at some point in the future but as of yet, there has been no comment regarding this situation.

A lot to come from Lock Poker

Lock PokerThis split may seem like a bullish move from Lock Poker but history has shown that it is one bullish company. After all, they have already shown an aggressive streak when it comes to marketing and this is sure to continue in the future. In fact with rumours of more technologically advanced sites to come and a return to rakeback, Lock Poker may be gearing up for more exciting times when it comes to promotions and marketing. The real winner in these situations is the players and you don’t expect the Merge Network to lie down without a fight. If you are looking for promotions and bonuses, keep your eyes and ears out in the next few months.

Lock Poker have made it very clear that they believe their marketing campaigns has been a big factor in the success of the Merge Poker Network in the past year. Lock Poker has claimed that they are responsible for 40% of all traffic that can be found on the Merge Network and if this is the case, Merge may have a lot of work to do to stay at the top of the tree in this highly competitive industry. There is definitely a lot of scope for Cake though and they look set to become one of the major players in the industry, especially with respect to accepting players from the United States.