Carbon Poker Rides To The Rescue

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Poker Nordica ClosedThe news that the Nordica Poker site has been discontinued has affected some people in the community but there will be many who say that the culling of a few sites may not be the worst thing to happen. If a site is unable to stay competitive and interesting for its players, it is possibly best to allow other sites to take the focus of players. Of course, if you were a Poker Nordica player and woke to find that the site had been closed, you will understandably have a few concerns.

Firstly, you may have made friends with other players or even moderators and staff at the site and you would wonder if you’ll get to chat to them again. However, if you have money in your Poker Nordica account, that is one big problem you want to get resolved as quickly as possible. Even if you only had a small amount online, no one wants to lose out on money that is rightfully their but thankfully help is at hand with Carbon Poker coming to the rescue.

Carbon Poker is a respected name

Carbon Poker is one of the most respected sites on the Merge Poker Network so you can rest assured that this is one site that is not going anywhere in the near future. However, the nature of their offer to Poker Nordica players is sure to make a lot of people very happy with what Carbon Poker are offering.

Any player with a real money balance at Poker Nordica will be able to shift this bankroll to the Carbon Poker site. This should come as a big relief to players but there is even to gain from making this switch. If you were fortunate enough to have a Poker Nordica rakeback, Carbon Poker have promised you can carry this rakeback over to their site as well. In fact, players are eligible for a 35% rakeback, which is paid daily and this is a deal that will be available for the rest of their life. It is hard to argue with this sort of deal so if you did have money in a Poker Nordica account, get yourself lined up to switch the money over.

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Follow these steps to get your bankroll

Carbon PokerAs you would expect, there are some steps to take to get your hands on this offer but there is nothing too challenging and you should find that the process is complete in four simple steps.

The first step is to delete your cookies and the second step is to download the Carbon Poker software. Following this, you will need to register for a Carbon Poker account and the fourth and final step sees you sending an email to with the email including your Poker Nordica ID and the new Carbon Poker ID you have just created.

This isn’t too much of a challenge to get what is rightfully yours so if you have been down in the dumps at Poker Nordica closing down, don’t be too upset for too long!