Lock Poker Gives You A Lotto Chance

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Everybody wants to be a winner but if there are better poker players at the table than you, you need to have some luck on your side. A lot of people will try to say that you make your own luck and if that is the case, a great number of poker and casino players will miss out in the long run. However, Lock Poker is a site that looks out for its players and they want to give every player a fighting chance of walking away with a decent prize. Even if you don’t have the poker skills to pay the bills, you can still be a winner with Lock Poker.

Lock Poker Lotto

Plenty of lotto draws each day on Lock Poker site

This is because in March and April the site is running the Lock Lotto. Three draws will take place every draw, a draw for the three different qualifying levels, so a large number of players will have a chance of winning. Some poker sites run draws for members that aren’t too attractive but the prizes on offer will have every player lining up to be a part of the draw and there are three prizes to choose from in each level.
Earning 1,000 points in a day will see a player being entered into a draw to pick up a Lock Poker t-shirt, entry into a daily $3,000 freeze out (which holds a $33 value) or 3,000 VIP Points, which can be exchanged for poker chips or something of value at a later date.

Taking your playing up a notch to a level where you have earned 1,500 points sees you in a draw to pick up a sweatshirt and entry into a $125,000 event, entries into the $3,000 freeze out and the $125,000 guaranteed event or 12,000 VIP points.

If you are able to pick up over 3,000 points you will not be surprised to learn that the prizes on offer are of great interest to players. The lucky winner will be able to choose from the following, $500 and 2 entries into the $125,000 guaranteed event, an Apple iPad3 Wifi 1GB version or 50,000 VIP points. Any high roller that is in this level will have a fantastic time with any of these prizes, making this a promotion that is sure to create a strong level of interest on site.

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Even US players can have some Lock Poker fun

Lock Poker

One of the best things about the Lock Poker site is the fact that is it is US friendly. Even though the Black Friday shakedown of online gaming sites took place in April 2011, many casino and poker players are still left unsure about where they should be playing. This is why it is great to see US friendly sites standing up and making themselves known to the public.

The more you play, the luckier you can become and the more you play Lock Poker, the more chances you will have of winning of these great prizes.