Lock Poker Lockups Should Have You Gunning For Success

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Anytime a website has a countdown clock in operation, it is going to grab your attention. However, when the site in question is one of the most respected poker sites to be found on the internet, you just know that there is a buzz being created for this promotion. It may not be kicking off until the 6th of May but the Lock Poker Lockops has managed to grab plenty of attention from an excited poker community.

If you get a thrill from the thought of poker tournaments, this is likely to be one that really grabs you by the throat and makes you dream about an upcoming event. Between the 6th and 20th of May, the Lock Poker site will be hosting the Lock Exclusive Epic Tournament Series which will be known as, LOCKOPS: Lock Online Poker Series.

Lock Poker Lockops

Aim for the glory, take the money

The tournament looks set to play host to 33 separate events and with over 2 million up for grabs, this is an event that pushes the buttons for those players who want to make it big. The Grand Finale Main Event by itself is set to provide over 800,000 in guaranteed winnings.

However, if money is not your driving ambition when playing online poker, how about having the chance to take out the biggest professionals of the Lock poker site? There is going to be a Lock PRO Elite on hand for every single tournament and every LOCK pro will have a bounty placed on their head during these events. The kudos that goes with taking out a major name is a big factor for many poker players but of course, the money that goes with it won’t be too bad either.

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Follow the leader board to see who is on top

Lock PokerThere will be a leader board in place for the duration of the Lock Poker Lockops event and the top 100 players can follow their progress. After the conclusion of the main event, there will be a special tournament allowing the top 100 players to take each other to determine who the top player is.

There will also be a best of the best event that will see the winner of each event coming together at a later date. The Champion of Champions tournament is sure to be a massive attraction as there will be 2 seats for the World Series of Poker Main Event up for grabs. If you have a dream about taking your place at the poker table with some of the biggest names in the most glamorous occasion, this tournament could provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity.

With every passing minute, hour and day, excitement will continue to build for this event but if this sounds like your style of poker event, don’t delay. It is possible to guarantee your entry now so get involved with the action and get ready for a fortnight of intense poker action.