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No one likes to lose but there are different ways to lose. Being absolutely destroyed with a heavy defeat can be embarrassing but it is often easier than losing in a narrow manner. Being out of the running at an early stage of a game can take away some of the pressure of being involved in a poker game right to the death. If you hold a good hand, it is inevitable that you will start to think about winning the hand and getting one over on your opponents.

Good hands lose as well

The only problem is, sometimes a good hand can lose out to an even better hand and this is the type of defeat that can really rankle with a poker player. This is what is known as the bad beat and it is often the harshest way to lose a poker match. The notion of the bad beat has grown in popularity in the online poker era and this can be explained in a simple way. Poker players get to play a lot more games when they play online and this means that the bad beat defeats come around more often. They probably don’t come around more statistically than playing in a casino or with friends but when playing a lot of online games; these occurrences will appear to be a more regular feature.

PDC Poker is a site that looks after its players and they understand how harsh a bad beat defeat can be. This is why the site is running a PDC Poker bad beat jackpot for players who lose out in a close and competitive showdown. As you would expect, there are a number of criteria to be met in the PDC Poker bad beat jackpot so make sure you are eligible for getting something back to mask the pain of a narrow loss.

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Make sure you are eligible for the bad beat!

PDC PokerFor the bad beat to occur, the losing hand needs to be at least a Four of A Kind with 7’s and the winning hand must be at least a Four of A Kind with 8’s. The winning and losing hands need to contain both of the hole cards and there needs to have been at least four players involved at the start of the hand.

If you feel that you are losing on the bad beat all too often, make sure you choose to play at one of the Bad Beat tables at PDC Poker. 50 cents from every pot goes into the PDC Poker bad beat jackpot which can quickly grow to a strong amount of money.  It’s important to remember to play at the right tables because if you lose out on the bad beat when you are not playing at one of the bad beat tables, you get nothing. That is an outcome that will only heap more pain and annoyance on a poker player so make sure you take advantage of the bad beat benefit if you are an unlucky poker player!