PDC Poker Replaces Poker Nordica

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PDC Poker BonusIn the fast moving online poker world, it can’t come as a surprise to learn that some poker sites are no longer able to keep up with the competition. The level of competition is fierce and even though there are more and more poker players emerging all the time, there still isn’t enough to go round every poker site. This means that some poker sites will close down, leaving some players to look for a new site. It also means that there is a lot to be said for finding a reputable and well-liked poker site, to save you from any inconvenience or hassle.

If you have played on the Poker Nordica, you may be disappointed to hear that the site has closed down but for many players, it was a niche that didn’t quite work. Sometimes you can find a site that suits your needs perfectly but if you are looking for a site you can trust, longevity is always going to be an important factor. In this regard, the fact that the PDC Poker site has been operating since 2005 is a great thing in its favour but if you are looking for a new site, you want to know what immediate bonus is on offer to new players and the Merge Poker Network certainly agrees that PDC has what you are looking for.

Get more bonus money

Ordinarily, the PDC Poker site has a great welcome bonus, allowing players to grab a 100% bonus up to $600. That is fairly enticing, especially when you add in the fact that new players get 14 days entry into the daily new depositor’s free roll events but why settle for $600 when you can have $750? If you are looking for more money in your account when you sign up, use bonus code PBC750 to find yourself better off.

Finding the right poker site can definitely help you to feel better off and the positive nature of the PDC Poker site doesn’t just end with an impressive welcome promotion. There are free rolls every week but if your dream is to take to the tables at a major world poker event, this could be the site for you. Every week, poker players on PDC are playing in satellite events that will see them playing in WSOP, WPT and APPT events all around the world. For players who prefer to do a bit more good for others as opposed to benefitting themselves, the charity tournaments held on site will be of great interest.

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Get up to poker speed in no time

PDC PokerIf you are a relatively new poker player, the high level of PDC Poker training should help you get up to speed quickly and this is something you will want to do. There are numerous leader board tournaments available on site so the more you play, and the better you play, the more chance you have of being a winner. We can’t always be a winner though and if you suffer a bad beat, you will be delighted to know there is a bad beat bonus on offer as well.

Poker sites closing down is always a sad affair and Nordica Poker will be missed but if you are looking for a site with excitement and a reputation you can trust, PDC Poker could be the one for you.