Poker Host Wish You A Happy Birthday

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Poker Host Birthday PromotionEverybody loves a good birthday party but when you get to a certain stage in life, you may not be looking to make too much of your birthday. There are some people who are natural extroverts which mean they want to be the centre of attention when it is their big day while other people will want the minimum of fuss to mark growing another year older.

No matter what type of personality you have, if you are a poker player, you will always benefit from having a bit more money to play and you may find you get a birthday bankroll surprise when you play with Poker Host.

Poker Host want to give you a big gift

This is because Poker Host is keen to wish every player a happy birthday with their Poker Host birthday promotion. As a special birthday gift to all of their players, Poker Host are giving out $10 on your big day! This may not be a bank breaking amount of money but every little helps and sometimes this can be all that a player requires to get going in an online poker game. This is a very generous offer but as you would expect with any online offer, there is a risk of it being taken advantage of and this is something that Poker Host are looking to avoid. This is why there will be a criteria or two to meet if you are looking to bag the Poker Host birthday surprise.

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Happy birthday to you

Poker HostThe birthday promotion is only open to the first person making the claim from a number of different elements. If you have family members, housemates, people sharing the same email or telephone number, debit or credit card or even if you play on a shared computer, be sure that you are the first person to apply for this promotion. Only one birthday bonus is available for these criteria so it may well be that if you are not fast, you are last when it comes to picking up the $10.

There is also a need for the birthday boy or girl to send in picture ID which will confirm their date of birth. There is also a need for the player to have at least deposited $50 in their time on site. If all of these elements can be met, there will be an additional birthday surprise available on the big day.

With so many poker sites offering a great deal of promotions, it can be helpful to find one that stands out from the crowd. If your big day is looming, make the most of it with the Poker Host birthday promotion.