Sundays Just Got Exciting With Chip King Freerolls

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Carbon Poker Chip KingFreerolls have become the backbone of the online poker industry and it is no surprise that players and online sites appreciate what they have to offer. The  Carbon Poker site is definitely in the mood for freerolls this month and they have a whole schedule of events for players in their Chip King promotion. The real action takes place on Sunday nights but it is how you perform during the week that can have the biggest impact on whether you are taking away a lot of money or looking back at the bad breaks that prevented you from cashing in.

The qualification process for all of the tournaments begins on Sunday the 1st of April so you can start planning your month right away. As the prize pool for every tournament increases on the last one, there will be some players who are immediately focused on the big prize, the final event but there will be players who want to play them all. No matter how you set your stall out with regards to qualification, there is plenty of time to get involved with the events that you want but you will want to start making your plans now. After all, if you’re a busy person, getting these dates in your diary now can save a lot of trouble and effort later on in April!

Step up and play to get involved

With the dates sorted, the next step is to ensure that you have met the entry criteria and as you would expect, the first step is to ensure your interest in the event has been noted. Make sure you click on the Activate Promo button and after that, all of the VIP points you pick will go towards qualifying you for the tournament. As soon as you pick up 50 VIP points you are in and this amount qualifies you for 250 chips as a starting stack in the Chip King freerolls.

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Plenty of poker freerolls incentive

Carbon PokerThe incentive to get more VIP points comes with the starting stack chips, which rise at certain points. Breaking 100 VIP points sees you starting with 500 chips, 250 VIP points provides you with 750 chips, reaching 500 VIP points provides you with 1,000 starting stack chips and anything over 1,000 VIP points provides a unique stack based entirely on the amount of VIP points earned.

Once the first tournament has begun, a leader board will appear on site and the top 50 players will make their way through to the $10,000 Final. This provides the incentive to play the tournaments and do well because no poker player is going to argue against the chance to play for $10,000. Over the course of the month, there will be $25,000 up for grabs, which means that April could be quote the lucrative month for the committed poker player who has skill and that little bit of luck on their side. The Chip King site may just be the reason to ignore the Spring sunshine and to focus on your poker skills.